Terms & Conditions

General Work Terms and Client Responsibilities & Liabilities

Client Responsibilities and Liabilities: The client is fully responsible for providing all site content, including text and multimedia, to Quasar School before the commencement of the project.

The client is solely responsible for creating a comprehensive backup of all content on their website before granting Quasar School authorization to proceed with the agreed-upon work. In any circumstance, Quasar School will not be held liable for any loss or damage to existing data.

The contract releases Quasar School from any obligations pertaining to data entry, web hosting, or custom artwork/graphics, unless these tasks are explicitly specified, paid for, and mutually agreed upon by both parties. Any artwork, images, or text created or provided by Quasar School on the client's behalf will be regarded as the property of Quasar School and/or its suppliers, unless otherwise expressly stipulated and agreed upon.

The contract relieves Quasar School from any responsibility for tasks related to data entry, web hosting, or custom artwork/graphics, unless these tasks are explicitly outlined, paid for, and mutually agreed upon by both parties. Any artwork, images, or text created or provided by Quasar School on behalf of the client will be considered the property of Quasar School and/or its suppliers, unless expressly stated and agreed upon otherwise.

Quasar School will afford the Client the opportunity to review the website's design and content during the design process and upon its completion. Quasar School will await feedback from the client for a period of 7 days regarding the work and materials presented. If the client does not provide a response within this timeframe, the materials will automatically be considered as accepted and approved by the Client.

The Client retains the copyright to the data, files, and graphic logos they provide and grants Quasar School the rights to publish and utilize this material. It is the Client's responsibility to obtain the required permissions and rights for the use of any copyrighted information or files belonging to third parties. The Client must also grant Quasar School the necessary permissions and rights to employ this material and agrees to indemnify and absolve Quasar School from any claims that may arise as a result of the Client's negligence or failure to secure proper copyright permissions. The web design and/or placement contract is considered an assurance by the Client to Quasar School that all essential permissions and authorizations have been obtained. Proof of these permissions and authorizations may be requested.

Quasar School will not assume responsibility for any changes or modifications made to the Client's website by the Client or any third party after the website has been installed or deployed. These modifications may involve additions, adjustments, deletions, or other alterations. If issues arise as a result of such changes, Quasar School may necessitate a one-time web development charge to address and rectify these issues.


Quasar School accepts payments through credit cards. Please be aware that we maintain the right to refuse payment through any of these methods without prior notice. Furthermore, we reserve the right to adjust our prices and discontinue specific payment methods at any time without prior notification. In the event of a customer's cancellation before our service is completed, a cancellation fee may be applied. This fee will be commensurate with the work that has been performed up to the point of cancellation. Failure to make payment for the cancellation fee and any outstanding amounts may result in legal action if deemed necessary.

In our project, progression occurs in multiple stages, and the initiation of the next stage is contingent upon receiving the agreed-upon payments for the previous stage. Upon the completion of our service, the website will be uploaded to the customer area of the server for your evaluation and approval. Once you grant your approval, the website will be transferred to the destination server, where it will be hosted. It's essential to note that Quasar School reserves the right to postpone the website upload until we have received full payment for our services. All the code and materials developed throughout the project will be transferred to you upon the project's completion and your final approval. Ownership of the code will be transferred to you once the final payments have been settled.

Support and 3rd-Party

Upon the launch of your website, we provide complimentary support for the first month. Following this initial one-month period, we offer support packages customized to meet your specific needs, featuring a range of pricing options. Opting for a higher-tier support package may also entitle you to attractive discounts. It's important to note that our support scope includes bug fixes and email support but does not cover matters related to website architecture, rule modifications, or add-ons/enhancements.

The client assumes full responsibility for any third-party support, products, or services used or integrated into the site, including matters related to licensing, payment, copyright, and more. The client is responsible for independently arranging and securing such services or may request Quasar School to do so on their behalf, with pre-payment for the associated expenses. It's essential to be aware that the fees charged by Quasar School do not encompass any out-of-pocket costs or expense claims associated with third-party products or services.

Quasar School does not offer any assurances or warranties regarding the accuracy or performance of third-party products or services. Any warranties or guarantees related to such third-party products or services should be sought directly from the respective providers.

Quasar School does not include upgrades of third-party products or services as part of the project's scope. Any upgrades or updates to these third-party products or services will be treated as separate tasks and may require adjustments to the project's timeline and cost, as determined by Quasar School.

Re-work, Enhancements/Add-ons and Billing

Any additional features or modifications to the project scope that were not initially included will be assessed through a Change Management process, and they may entail additional fees. Changes to the project scope following the wireframe sign-off stage may result in supplementary costs and timeline adjustments. These alterations will be deliberated and mutually agreed upon by both parties before they are implemented.

While we make every effort to accommodate most changes within the site's budget, certain modifications are categorized as enhancements or add-ons to the system and may incur additional charges. We will inform you in advance if any such items require work and are chargeable.

Any client requests for rework, changes, or adjustments following approval and/or after progressing to the subsequent stages of the project process will be regarded as additional work and may result in additional charges. These modifications will be subject to discussion and agreement before implementation.

The client is obligated to make payments to Quasar School in their entirety, without any deductions, discounts, or debt settlements, by the agreed-upon due dates.

Limitations of Liability

Quasar School will apply reasonable skill and care in providing the Service. However, we do not make any representations and disclaim any warranties, whether expressed or implied, regarding the availability, quality, accuracy, timeliness, completeness, performance, or fitness of the Service.

Quasar School hereby releases itself, its employees, and agents from any liability for loss or damage stemming from inaccuracies, omissions, delays, or errors in the production of the website, regardless of whether they result from negligence or other factors. We also disclaim any liability for loss or damage to client-provided artwork, photos, data, or content intended for the site, irrespective of whether the loss or damage occurs due to negligence or other factors.

Except in cases of death or personal injury resulting from our negligent acts or omissions, we shall not be held liable for any damages, whether arising in contract, tort, or any other legal theory, related to losses or damages stemming from this Agreement or the operation of the Service. We will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages in contract or tort, including but not limited to loss of profit, loss or damage to property, or claims made by third parties.

Quasar School cannot offer service guarantees on behalf of third-party organizations, and we will not be held responsible for any service failures provided by third parties.

Approvals and Delivery

The project will consist of multiple stages, and the initiation of work on the following stage will only begin once approval and the corresponding payments for the preceding stage, as outlined in our agreement, have been received.

Upon the completion of the service, including website design and/or development, the website will first be uploaded to the Customer area on Quasar School's server for the Client's review and approval. Upon the Client's approval, the website will be transferred to the destination server where it will be hosted. It's crucial to understand that Quasar School reserves the right to postpone the website upload until full payment has been received.

All code and materials created throughout the project will be handed over to the client upon the project's completion and after obtaining all the required sign-offs. The ownership of the code will be transferred to the client once the final payments have been received.

Quasar School retains the right to showcase and utilize the completed work and/or the final deployed product or website as references for potential clients. In cases where the client wishes to restrict such publication, the client must notify Quasar School in advance and obtain the necessary approvals for these restrictions.


Quasar School will exert every effort to finalize all services within the agreed-upon timescale. The timeline will commence upon receipt of both the agreed deposit and all website content from the Customer.

Quasar School may find it necessary to extend project timescales due to circumstances that are beyond its control.


Quasar School will not be held accountable for any loss or damage arising from your use of our Services. If you are dissatisfied with our Website or Services, you can discontinue using or accessing our Website at any time. These terms and conditions are governed by state laws and constitute an agreement between you and Quasar School. By accepting these terms, you agree that any legal action arising under the Terms of Use shall be heard in the appropriate court. We reserve the right to terminate any of the rights granted by these Terms of Use, and you must comply with any termination notice by ceasing to use our Website. We have no obligation to review any information, content, messages, or communication materials sent to or through the Website by users and assume no responsibility or liability related to such messages, information, or content.

Changes to Terms of Use

We reserve the right to add, modify, amend, or remove any portion or the entirety of these Terms at any time, with or without prior notice to you. We suggest that you periodically review these Terms for any changes. Your continued use of our website or services signifies your acceptance of the updated Terms.

How To Contact Us

If you have any queries or feedback for our Website or Services, you can email us at: support@quasarschool.com.